Cocoon Company Vegan Stain Remover
Cocoon Company Vegan Stain Remover
Cocoon Company Vegan Stain Remover

Cocoon Company Vegan Vlekverwijderaar

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Natural but effective stain remover from Cocoon Company.

Cocoon Company's 100% natural stain remover is an amazing alternative to traditional chemical-based stain remover. The vegan stain remover is extremely effective but still gentle for carpeting, clothes etc. The stain remover can be used for all textiles – also wool and silk. It is made from natural minerals and oils that together makes sure that your clothes are spotless. See the Green Universe test of our stain remover here. Its pure magic – natural magic.

Product details:
Size: 9,5 x 2,3cm approx.
Material: Saponified coconut oil, rapeseed oil, vegetable soybean oil, boraks, litsea oil.
Use: Read the instructions on the package for optimal use.

Litsea oil ensures the removal of bacteria as the oil is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial, without being harmful to humans or the environment. It’s also the Litsea oil that gives the stain remover its amazing aroma of fresh citrus fruits.
The natural mineral borax is an incredibly effective detergent that removes dirt and stains. Boraks are naturally disinfectant and great for removing odors in fabric