Cocoon Company Kapok Duvet - Baby
Cocoon Company Kapok Duvet - Baby

Cocoon Company Kapok Dekbed - Baby

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Give your baby a wonderful night’s sleep with a kapok junior duvet from Cocoon Company.

Cocoon Company's kapok baby duvet ensures with its fantastic temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties that your child will get a lovely sleep throughout the night.

This Cocoon Organic Kapok baby duvet is a perfect organic alternative to a regular feather or down duvet. The kapok junior duvet is filled with organic kapok and have a cover of 100% certified organic cotton. Complete your child’s organic and comfortable sleeping environment with a kapok pillow and a kapok mattress. 

Product details:
Size: 70 x 100cm, can vary slightly in size since it is stuffed and sewn by hand.
Material: Filling is 100% natural kapok and the cover is made by 100% organic certified cotton.
Care: Kapok is a natural fiber with unique properties that is worth taking care off. Read Cocoon Company's guide – and extend the life of your kapok product!. 

Most people can recognize the experience of a sweaty night with a feather and down duvet. That is because feather and down is great for isolating and not very breathable. It is nice with a warm duvet but when the body is warm, it needs to get rid of the excess heat and moisture. Unfortunately, this is where feather and down often fall short. When we sweat our down and feather duvet gets wet. That you will not experience with a kapok duvet due to its temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. A kapok duvet stays dry and warm throughout the entire night. A duvet with the nature fiber kapok is therefore an obvious choice for those who have problems with hot nights or small children. Small children find it difficult to regulate their own body temperature, which is why they often can get to hot in a traditional down and feather duvet.