Wildlife Garden Hand Carved Animal Hook - Elephant
Wildlife Garden Hand Carved Animal Hook - Elephant

Wildlife Garden Handgesneden Dierenhaak - Olifant

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This is a charming wall-mounted hook in the shape of a elephant.

Let a majestic elephant welcome you home. The grey colour matches most backgrounds.

About the elephant:
The elephant is the largest land mammal in the world and can drink up to 200 l of water every day. Elephants are extremely intelligent and self-aware. They express emotions such as grief and compassion and, when they encounter an elephant skeleton, they express empathy by caressing the dead elephants’ tusks with their trunk. Elephants are frequently subject to poaching due to their coveted ivory tusks..

Wildlife Garden offers a wide range of decorative hooks with hand carved animals and birds. All our hooks are delivered in a nice gift carton and with an informative brochure about the species.

Product details:
Size: 10,6 x 7,4 x 7,2cm.
Material: Animal heads of wood, painted with waterbased acrylic paint. Hooks are bronze-coloured metal.
Packaging: Display carton, small booklet about the species.