Trauffer Shepherd (Edition 1938)
Trauffer Shepherd (Edition 1938)

Trauffer Shepherd (Edition 1938)

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Celebrate the Christmas story with this Trauffer shepherd (edition 1938) in a flowing green cloak, brown hat and glowing latern. This stunning shepherd is charmingly simple - with a traditionally green cloak and brown hat and the grain of the wood shines through the colour stain. Hand-painted markings gives the shepherd a natural expression. Smooth, warm and tactile, this shepherd figure comes to life in children's hands. Each figure is unique.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Made in: Switzerland since 1938.
Size: 10 x 4.5 x 3 cm approx.
Material: Certified FSC linden wood.
NOTE: Details, size and colour may vary slightly as this is handmade, that makes every piece unique.

For three generations, Trauffer has produced wooden toys: each is an individual piece with small differences. The best Swiss craftsman carve every toy with care and attention. This cute cow is no different. Available in beautiful variations, the wooden toy is like a tiny piece of Switzerland in your home!

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