Raduga Grëz Sun Small Arch Stacker – Natural

Raduga Grëz Sun Small Arch Stacker – Natural

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Natural Sun arch stacker from Raduga Grëz - a special toy for the bright and creative.

The sun does not overload visually, so it is ideal for moments when the child needs to be soothed, cared for, created for them a safe and cozy space. It is good to play these arcs after a very busy day - they knead the fingers, calm the nervous system, help the impressions to lie down.

The alternation of bright toys with natural helps the child to process new information better, to memorize more firmly, to be calmer, more confident, more relaxed. The brighter and richer your life, the more children need calm, tactilely pleasant toys.

Product details:
Age: 1 year+.
Size: 13 x 7,5 x 4 cm.
Material: Made from solid wood and oil (please note that oil has natural and very tasty light smell). Wood purchased from a responsible supplier.
Care: Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp cloth to wipe them.
The shades may differ from the shades on the screen. Tree-specific spots or streaks of wood are possible. Details and size may vary slightly as this is handmade, that makes every piece unique.
Handmade in Russia manually by third-generation carpenters.

Wrinkles around the eyes are smudged marks.
Women stretch are traces of matured love. Marks and knots on toys like moles on human bodies are signs of life and it makes toys so special and unique.

Raduga Grez is a russian family run brand for playful, slow living and nature inspired families. They create their toys with ambition to make toys as art. They take great pride in making toys by hand from solid wood and using non-toxic water based paint. They preserve the wood pattern and texture in every toy. They hope your little ones will enjoy playing with these toys as much as they love making them.

Raduga Grëz are making toys in small batches. They use solid wood and non toxic water based paint. They believe that less is more and that naturally handmade toys have soul. Every step is done manually. They try to do their best to avoid plastics in packaging. Their toys are packed in carton boxes or sewed cotton bags.