Ostheimer Bus with 4 Men - Red

Ostheimer Bus with 4 Men - Red

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Merk: Ostheimer

This simple wooden bus in cheerful red with four natural wooden passengers is a perfect first toy for a young toddler.

A push along bus from the "Konrad Keller Collection" from Ostheimer with four peg people - load everyone onboard and set out on a journey. Little hands will love taking the peg people out of the bus and putting them back into their seats. This wooden bus is made from solid basswood with a non-toxic water-based finish, has circular windows and wheels to drive it away. The four peg people get on and off the bus through the roof.

Hand crafted from solid, sustainable hard wood. Warm, smooth and tactile, this bus feels lovely and smooth in children's hands. 

Product details:
Age: 1 years +.
Size: 20 x 10,5 x 7cm.
Material: Basswood.
Conform European Safety Norm EN71.
Made in Germany. Konrad Keller Holzspielwaren since 1864. Ostheimer since 1940.

Margarete Ostheimer, a Waldorf (Steiner) teacher, began a collection of toys which enliven the imagination. In her own words: “It is the fantasy of our children alone that breathes life into the seemingly stiff wooden figures, the form and colour of which purposely have been reduced to an essential minimum. It is apparent how little coaching our children need to dive into their worlds.”