Inkari Alpaca Lama - Cacao

Inkari Alpaca Lama - Cacao

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The original Inkari alpaca toy is both strong and high in quality; made by experienced local artisans in Peru.

Each alpaca plushie is unique and will remain your best friend for a long time if treated like you! Please note: alpaca toys are produced in a natural way with lots of love and care. Minor differences in color schemes can occur due to the natural and unique character of alpaca fleece.  

Ideal for people with allergies! Alpaca fleece is hypo-allergenic (allergy-free!), so it never itches the skin.

Product details:
Color: Cacao.
Size: Medium 32-33cm approx
Material: Materials: 92% Alpaca Fur | 7% Polyester | 1% Acryl.