Bumbu Toys Large Oven with Stove and Bench

Bumbu Toys Large Oven with Stove and Bench

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Bumbu Toys were inspired by the memories of Grandma's house.

"Inspired by my grandparents' house and the smell of wood burning in the stove, I thought of a special home. A home that will awaken nostalgic memories of the great and at the same time, teach the little ones the modesty and the beautiful life. We focused our attention on details that we are convinced will not go unnoticed".

This handmade set with a wooden oven with stove and bench is made of linden and American walnut wood, pure craftsmanship. Painted with traditional drawings in beautiful colors. A nice addition to your child's dollhouse.

As this item is handmade it may vary slightly to the picture.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Size: Chimney L21, stove H12cm approx.
Material: Linden and American walnut  wood, non-toxic water-based paints. Every element is handcrafted and hand painted with 100% NON-toxic paint acc to DIN EN 71 norms.