Wildlife Garden Hand Carved Animal Hook - Platypus
Wildlife Garden Hand Carved Animal Hook - Platypus

Wildlife Garden Handgesneden Dierenhaak - Vogelbekdier

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This is a charming wall-mounted hook in the shape of a platypus.

This clothes hanger features the incredible platypus, a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal. The platypus hook from Wildlife Garden hand-carved out of linden wood and hand-painted using environmentally friendly paints. The hook is made out of metal.

About the platypus:
The platypus is a protected species. This unique animal is an egg-laying mammal with a bill and a venomous ankle spur. It’s native to Australia, and lives most of the time on land. It hunts for food in rivers and lakes. The platypus is a nocturnal predator, and it closes its eyes, ears, and nose each time it dives. The bill has highly sensitive electroreceptors that detect tiny electric currents generated by muscular contractions of its prey. Its prey consists of annelid worms, insect larvae, and freshwater shrimp.
Platypuses are monotremes and they are the only egg-laying mammals in existence. They incubate their eggs internally for 28 days and externally for 10 days. The female does not have teats, so after they hatch the chicks drink milk released by the mother’s skin. The platypus is about 40-60cm long, including the 10-15cm long tail, and weighs about 1-2kg.
The male has a venomous ankle spur used for defence. Their main natural predators are pythons and large birds of prey, but cats and non-native animals such as foxes have also become a threat.

Product details:
Size: 10,5 x 5 x 7,5 cm.
Material: Animal heads of wood, painted with waterbased acrylic paint. Hooks are bronze-coloured metal.
Packaging: Display carton, small booklet about the species.