Wildlife Garden Hand Carved Animal Hook - Giraffe
Wildlife Garden Hand Carved Animal Hook - Giraffe

Wildlife Garden Handgesneden Dierenhaak - Giraf

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This is a charming wall-mounted hook in the shape of a giraffe.

A giraffe for your child’s jacket or school bag is a guaranteed success. Choose several beautiful animal hooks for your hallway.

About the giraffe:
At 5 meters high the giraffe is the tallest mammal on earth and their beige brown markings are unique to each individual. Its impressive tongue (45cm long) helps it graze fresh leaves from trees and bushes but despite its long neck it can’t reach the ground to drink so it needs to bend its legs in order to take a drink. Interestingly giraffes give birth standing up meaning that at the moment of birth the calf falls almost two meters to the ground.

The hook is delivered in a beautiful gift wrapped package along with a brochure with some interesting information about giraffes.

Product details:
Size: 12,7 x 6,2 x 7,2cm.
Material: Animal heads of wood, painted with waterbased acrylic paint. Hooks are bronze-coloured metal.
Packaging: Display carton, small booklet about the species.