Poppie Rattan Rocking Horse
Poppie Rattan Rocking Horse
Poppie Rattan Rocking Horse

Poppie Rattan Rocking Horse

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Giddy up!

The Poppie Horse is a classic in the making, inspired by Mid-Century Modern European design. Little ones have always enjoyed imagining riding across the prairie, having untold adventures and befriending unicorns. This beautifully proportioned rocking horse will be kept in families for generations.

Product details:
Age: For kids aged 1 to 4 years. Max. weight 35 kg/77 lbs.
Material: Made out of rattan: environmentally responsible, fast growing and easily renewable. Coated in a tough natural waterbased finish. Individually handmade by skilled craftsmen.
ASTM safety approved.

Poppie Toys designs and manufactures toys for young kids using only natural environmentally responsible materials.
They strongly believe that young kids do not need the overstimulation of computers or more (plastic) close-ended toys. Giving children time and space for open-ended play is one of the most important things parents can do to raise children who are happy, resilient, and ready and willing to learn.