Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Dress Set - UNA
Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Dress Set - UNA

Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Dress Set - UNA

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The Dinkum Doll wardrobe is growing!

An adorable outfit to wear on an adventure with you – the Una Dress set will remind you of bygone summer days. Your littles will love playing dress-up with their Dinkum (and who are we kidding — we’d love it too!) 

Una Dress comes with a matching head tie and handkerchief - plus a teeny pocket for storing picked blooms, shells and tiny trinkets. Designed for little hands and easy to put on and take off their Dinkum Doll. Mix and match with your favourite Dinkum outfits. 

Set includes:
Custom floral print dress.
Matching hair-bow.
Matching handkerchief.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Size: Fits Olli Ella's dinkum dolls (length 35cm).
Material: Cotton.

Olli Ella design timeless products that are unlike any other. From a little wheeled trolley called the Luggy, to a house that you can hold, Olli Ella pieces bring a smile to faces and are loved through generations for their celebration of play.

They use natural materials, sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production.

Olli Ella believe that the desire to store, tidy, transport, and explore transcends cultures and generations and this understanding is the starting point for all their designs.

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