Playforever – CNC 301 Standard Walnut Roadster

Playforever – CNC 301 Standard Walnut Roadster

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The Playforever story began with Bruno, their very first toy racing car, born from a lifelong fascination with 1930s tin cars and classic cigar racers. Our striking, limited edition CNC series takes Bruno to a whole new level. Each car is beautifully made with the greatest attention to detail; crafted with love and pride from the finest, most luxurious materials before being hand-finished to perfection. From creative concept to the ultimate design object, our CNC series is living proof that absolutely any idea can be brought to life into 3D form, without any limitation on size, shape, material or surface finish. The design is meticulously tailored and perfected, resulting in a beautiful work of art that is produced in limited volume editions, immaculate and unrivaled in design and quality.

Yet this is only the beginning of the journey: they are excited to grow our CNC series in the future, continuing to bring their vision to life by creating exclusive limited edition heirloom toys and interior pieces to be treasured and played with forever.

Just like its bigger brother, our Standard Walnut Roadster is CNC machined from a solid block of walnut wood, before being sanded down and polished to perfection by hand to reveal the beauty of the natural grain. The base and trim are moulded from ABS material before being finished with a contrasting gloss and matt UV coating. And finally, the smooth-glide, rubber wheels are made using a slow casting process, before the whole piece is assembled together by hand to create a beautiful art toy.