Sussekind Cuddle Cloth Doll Star - Terry - Pink

Sussekind Cuddle Cloth Doll Star - Terry - Pink

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Sussekind cloth doll is a baby's very first doll friend.

Babies mainly use their sense of smell and taste, and this doll ties in perfectly with this. The cuddly toy consists of a soft terry cloth with a head, hands and feet stuffed with sheep's wool. Sheep's wool has the quality of warmth, but also of absorbing the scent of its surroundings. This means that the doll not only feels nice, but also smells familiar to a baby.

This doll does not yet has its own eyes or mouth, simply because this is unnecessary for this age.

Product details:
Size: 27 x 55cm approx.
Material: 100% cotton terry, sheep's wool.
Care: Washable at 30°C.